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Misc. Martial Arts:

Master Po Demo of Kali

Description:  A Martial arts instructor that is demonstrating some martial art that looks to be Kali

Druken Boxing Kung Fu

Description:  A demonstration of Druken style Kung Fu

Amazing stunts of human coordination

Description: Stunts of acrobatics similar to those used in traditional Ninjutsu

Martial Arts Training:


Description: Stick fighting match

Kali Mpeg

Description: Bob Silver Tabimina demonstrating Balintawak Escrima at the May 2006 Filipino Martial Arts gathering held monthly at the Univ. of the Philippines, Dilliman campus. The FMA Gatherings are a monthly get-together of FMA practitioners hosted by Jon Es

Kali Intro

Description: A schools introduction to Kali Martial Arts

Military Martial Arts

Description:  American Military Martial arts, Bad A** video

Wing Chung

Description: A Wing Chun Video of some fast trapping hands, I wonder if they are as powerful as they are fast.

Choke Defense

Description: A basic defense against a choke

Wing Tsun

Description: Some wicked wing tsun techniques

Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts Demo

Demonstration: Nice little Jeet Kune Do Demo

Funny Clips:

Afro Ninja

Afro Ninja, the gymnast

Funny Martial Arts Incidents

Description:  Funny vid worth a peek

Jim Carrey's Self Defense Class

Description; Jim Carrey's Self Defense against a knife attack.

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