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Advanced Knife Fighting
Overall Rating - 7 Stars
Ability to Learn - 8 stars
Effectiveness In Self Defense - 7 stars
From the Street Fighting Series By
Paul Vunack
     This system of Knife fighting is drawn from the Filipino Martial Arts, but they have their own flavor under Paul Vunack.  Paul Vunack has trained extensively under Danny Inosanto in JKD, Kali, and other Filipino arts and it shows in his videos.  He is most known for being the Navy Seals Knife instructor.
     This video is well thought out and well produced, it is very easy to apply what is being taught as long as you have a partner to work with.  There are several angles that they show you the techniques and drills from and they even put it into slow motion several times on the tape so you don't miss any part of a particular movement. 
     The system that he teaches has three specific ranges that you may find yourself in if you were in a knife fight.  It seems very effective at the longest range, but of course seems much more dangerous to apply the closer you get to your attacker.  In the closest range it almost seems unapplicable to save your life, but you never know until you put it to the test.  It seems that also from the longest range it may be easy to apply and the closer that you get it seems that you need more years of experience with it to apply safely.    
     What I like about Paul Vunack is that he never sugar coats anything he tells you upfront that knife fighting is dangerous and that you should always respect the blade when you use it or when you are defending against it.
     The only thing that I thought needed more attention was the body positioning and footwork, although with prior training you should do all right.  Someone with no training would have serious problems learning to move their body while applying this system. 
      As far as a self defense against a knife it seems very effective as long as you have a knife deployed.  The problem with it is sometimes you may not have the time to deploy your knife before you are in a Knife defense situation.          
The Flow Of Filipino Kali Empty Hands
-Part One-
Overall Rating - 6 Stars 
Ability to Learn - 5 Stars
Effectiveness in Self Defense - 6 Stars
Filipino Martial Arts Series by Steve Grody
       This tape and it's contents are based completely on Filipino Kali and it's techniques and strategies.  The base of this tape is focused on an spect of Kali called Gunting or destructions.  It is pretty basic explanation of how to apply these destructions against basic boxing techniques such as the jab, cross, hook and upper cut along with the basic kicks used in kick boxing. 
       Steve Grody's explantions are short and sweet with very little detailed follow ups after the basic destructions or (guntings) that he teaches.  The footwork is not really taught well in this video, but he does go over it in the beginning of the tape and also throughout.  This tape seemed kind of short considering that few people are aware of this strategy that the Filipino martial arts use so widely.  I found most of the movements were applied much too quickly to be really learned easily and felt that considering most of the destructions were against nerves that maybe that should have been a more thorough detailed part of the tape rather than short explanations.  I found that most of the techniques to be easliy applied once learned and some of the hand techniques effective in a possible self defense situation.  The leg destructions on the other hand I found some unrealistic in most self defense situations.

Suspense, Thriller, Novel
An Ex Bouncer and Martial Artist must find his Stalker before Last Call

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